API keys

Use API keys to authenticate API requests.

Kiln authenticates your API requests using your accountโ€™s API keys. If a request doesnโ€™t include a valid key, Kiln returns an invalid request error. If a request includes a deleted or expired key, Kiln returns an authentication error.


Access your API key

Use Kiln Dashboard to create, edit, delete, and roll API keys.

  • To access your API keys, in the application section of the dashboard, to see the step by step process please follow this user guide.

Kiln Connect API Environments

Kiln Connect API's main goal is to simplify staking operations and streamline reporting across all POS blockchains. In some situations, accessing testing your integration can be expensive or time-consuming. To facilitate this process Kiln offers access to testnet blockchains on a specific environment.

TestnetFor testing purposes, play with the network and our API.
eg. on /eth you will retrieve the data for holesky stakes

๐Ÿ““ Testnet API Reference
Generating an API key on dashboard.testnet.kiln.fi

You need to request a testnet account from our support team.
MainnetIn production to start staking or track your positions.
eg. on /eth you will retrieve the data for ethereum mainnet stakes

๐Ÿ“” Mainet API Reference
Generating an API key on dashboard.kiln.fi

Please note that the testnet environment is not under SLA, and there can be differences in the endpoints to cover test blockchain specificities.


You can navigate environment documentation on the top left corner of the navigation bar by changing the version to testnet, you can also check the next released planned under preview.

Keep your keys safe

Anyone can use your secret API key to make any API call on behalf of your account, such as moving/deleting stakes or accessing your reporting data.

Since all staking/unstaking operations are performed on-chain, you do not risk losing funds even if your API key is compromised. Keep your keys safe by following the secret API keys best practices.