Quick start

Integrate and monetize the best yield sources for your users stablecoins


Kiln DeFi is a white-labelled EVM smart contract that enables you to integrate DeFi earn products on your platform:

  1. Users can put their assets (like stablecoins) to work by supplying them to lending protocols. This way they will earn borrowing interests which can be very interesting when DeFi activity increases in bull market phases.
  2. You can monetize this service in any way you want: deposit fees or commission taken on the generated rewards etc.
Example of deposit flow on a AAVE USDC vault

Example of deposit flow on a AAVE USDC vault

Your Kiln DeFi vaults can be deployed on top of a DeFi protocol to pool user positions and dispatch management and performance fees to the platform integrating it.

Currently all assets used in AAVE v2, AAVE v3, Compound v2, Compound v3, Spark sDAI, Morpho AAVE, Morpho Compound and Metamorpho lending platforms are supported and you can choose to deploy many of them to propose different strategies to your users.


Want to know more?

See https://docs.kiln.fi/v1/on-chain/overview for the product documentation of Kiln DeFi.

Integration phases (< 1 week)

The integration of this product is done in 4 steps and usually takes less than a week:

  1. Setup: deploy a testnet smart contract instance
  2. Backend: fetch user position data
  3. Frontend: implement smart contract interactions for users to deposit and withdraw, and views to see their positions
  4. Testing: QA and validate the implementation before mainnet launch

You should have a dedicated communication channel on Slack or Telegram with Kiln where you can ask any question along the way!