Postman guide

Discover our Kiln Connect APIs with Postman.


Postman is an application designed to help with API integrations and exploration. This is the tool of choice for both experienced developers and no-code enthusiasts to get familiar with our available endpoints, requests, and responses.

Using our Kiln Connect Postman Collection, you can start testing our API before you need write a single line of code.

Install Postman

Download and install the Postman app or use Postman online.

  1. In postman, select the Collections tab on the left menu
  2. Press the import button and import the following collection:


Setup a testnet environment

  1. Go to the Environments tab on the left menu and create a new TESTNET environment
  2. Add a host variable with as INITIAL VALUE
  3. Add a api_token variable with your Kiln API token (you can fetch it on the Applications section of your Kiln dashboard) as INITIAL VALUE
  4. Go back to the Collections tab, select TESTNET on the top right menu

You are now setup to run API queries!