Quick start

Bring and monetize the most optimized native ETH yield source to your users


Kiln On-Chain is an Ethereum smart contract platform that enables you to propose all sorts of Ethereum Staking experience to your users:

  1. Dedicated Validators: Native ETH protocol staking in batches of 32 ETH, providing a dedicated and secure staking solution.
  2. Validator NFT: Same as ‘Dedicated Validators’, but with the ability to generate an NFT that represents ownership and withdrawal credentials of the validator.
  3. Staking Pool: Enables you to offer services that allow staking any amount of ETH, without the issuance of a transferrable receipt token.
  4. Liquid Staking Pool: Same as Kiln Staking Pooling but with the ability to issue a custom transferrable receipt token that represents the withdrawal credentials and the ownership of the users stake.


Want to know more?

See https://docs.kiln.fi/v1/on-chain/overview for the product documentation of Kiln On-Chain platform.

Integration phases (< 2 weeks)

The integration of this product is done in 4 steps:

  1. Setup: deploy a testnet smart contract instance
  2. Backend: fetch user position data
  3. Frontend: implement smart contract interactions for users to deposit and withdraw, and api calls to see their positions
  4. Testing: QA and validate the implementation before mainnet launch

You should have a dedicated communication channel on Slack or Telegram with Kiln where you can ask any question along the way.

What’s Next

Integrate now: