Welcome to Kiln's developer docs

Kiln enables you to stake crypto assets, manually or programmatically, while maintaining custody of your funds in your existing solution.

Kiln Connect is Kiln's unified API for integrating staking and DeFI into your application.


This website is focused on technical, programmatic integrations of Kiln products. If you are looking for Kiln Dashboard user guides and Kiln validator addresses, please visit this documentation site.

Featured use-cases

If you don't know where to start start exploring the following use-cases of Kiln's products:

Implement programmatic native stakingπŸ“– Stake ETH via API
Get data about a staking position via APIπŸ“– Call the Reporting API
Integrate DeFi protocols in your productπŸ“– Kiln DeFI - Integration Guide
Offer ETH staking of any amount in your productπŸ“– Staking Pools - Integration Guide
Create & distribute my own LST (liquid staking token)πŸ“– Staking Pools - Integration Guide

Happy integration, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!