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Learn how to start using Kiln.

Start using Kiln

Kiln is a staking platform you can use to stake directly, or whitelabel staking & defi into your product.

We enable you or your clients to stake crypto assets, manually or programmatically, while maintaining custody of your funds in your existing solution. These guides are focused on the technical integration of different Kiln Products. If you are looking for user guides please visit this documentation.

Featured use-cases

If you don't know where to start start exploring the following use-cases of Kiln's products:

Programmatic Native Staking with your company's crypto🎆 Kiln Connect API📖 Stake ETH via API
Simplify access to defi from your product💰 Kiln DeFi📖 Kiln DeFI - Integration Guide
Offer 32ETH staking in your product⛓️ Kiln On-chain📖 Dedicated staking - Integration Guide
Offer ETH staking of any amount in your product⛓️ Kiln On-chain📖 Staking Pools - Integration Guide
Create & distribute my own LST (liquid staking token)⛓️ Kiln On-chain📖 Staking Pools - Integration Guide

Plan your technical integration


Define what Kiln integration you are building

🏃 You want something fast with in your UI but with little customization?

  • Kiln dApp is made for you
  • Integrators like Ledger Live or Safe Wallet make this choice integrating it first in their dApp browser

⚙️ You want to build around your own brand and add custom logic?

  • While kiln products are always non custodial and operations directly performed on-chain, Kiln API & Kiln SDK will help you streamline your integration
  • Generally the preferred solution for custodians, exchanges & wallet wanting to build their own back-end to manage staking operations and reporting in their custom UI

⛓️ You want to build with as little as possible touchpoint with web2 infrastructure?

  • Kiln Smart Contracts are made for this with direct on-chain interaction and on-chain reporting
  • Generally prefered by dApp and web3 wallets

💡 Integrators tend to mix multiple tools provided by Kiln to match their technical requirements and delivery timeline, it's recommended to use both Widgets, APIs and Smart Contracts interactions in your product


Explore our integration guides, receipes & application examples

  • For each product we detail how you integrate multiple use-cases under Integrator Guides
  • For any given interaction with Kiln API or Kiln Smart contracts, we provide code samples, you can explore them all in the receipes section of the docs.
  • You can find example application and code samples on Kiln's GitHub repository


Play with our product before integrating

Try each product yourself, it's simpler to plan for an integration when you experienced one :

  • In each Quick Start and Integratior Guides, we share ways of interacting with each products with sample contracts, you can also read our user documentation to see how Kiln is integrated in other products
  • Use Kiln dApp to explore staking and our Widget to interact with Kiln's standards contracts


Test your integration

Implement test scenarios using example implementation on testnets

  • Kiln APIs and Contracts also work for testing, read the Testing section of each product to lear more

Happy integration, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!