Rate limits & data refresh rates

Rate limits

The basic rate limiter restricts the number of API requests per second as follows:

  • 100 requests per second on all routes both on testnet and mainnet

Data refresh rates

The data refresh rates provided are indicative and subject to change. Please note that the refresh rates may vary due to various factors, such as the underlying protocols and services involved.

/stakes Endpoint

For the /stakes endpoint, there are effectively two refresh times:

  1. Near-Real-Time Refresh: This refresh rate provides near-real-time updates for stake data.
  2. Finalized Refresh: This refresh rate is typically 1 hour for most protocols. It represents the finalized and confirmed stake data.

Ethereum (ETH) Data

The data for Ethereum (ETH) is indicative, as it is sourced from multiple services that may have different refresh rates for various reasons.

/operations Endpoint

The refresh rate for the /operations endpoint depends on the type of operations:

  • Deposits: Deposits are initially spotted through a WebSocket connection, providing near-real-time updates.
  • Skimmings/Withdrawals: Skimmings and withdrawals are polled at regular intervals, resulting in a different refresh rate compared to deposits.

Solana (SOL) Data

/operations Endpoint

The refresh rate for the /operations endpoint for Solana (SOL) is based solely on the aggregation of data from the Kiln validator.

Average Refresh Times by network

Below is a table summarizing the average refresh times for various endpoints & protocols:

/stakes (avg)/rewards (avg)/operations (avg)
ETH12~30sec~24h12sec~couple mins

Please note that the refresh rates mentioned above are subject to change, and the actual rates may vary depending on the specific protocol, service, or underlying infrastructure.